Jul 10, 2011

Things to do

After becomg a full time home maker I often used to miss my working days. I used to miss my office cubicle, my office PC, the coffee machines, the cafeterias, the board rooms. It is something I still miss but at the same time I always look at the glass as half full. So now I know that I can do few things that would have been impossible to do had I been working. The most important one is spending time with my two and a half year old son. I enjoy giving him a bath, dropping him to his playgroup, attending his parent teacher meetings, taking him for his annual day rehearsals. I also enjoy time with my father. The other few things that I can do is sleep in the afternoon (he he he).
All said and done I often feel that I am not exploiting my time at home fully. I am falling prey to laziness and therefore it is time I should start doing something meaningful and creative and enjoyable with my time instead of grumbling.
Here I have prepared a To-do-list for myself.
I should blog on a regular basis
I should take out more time to read
I should listen to good music
I should exercise
I should pursue my dancing
I should tend to my garden
I should cook better meals
I should clean the house
I should watch more movies
I should organise myself
For now I think this is enough. Let me see what else I can do. First thing I will have to chalk out a plan for this. Will do that in my next blog. That should become a guideline for all the other lazybones like me.

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