Jul 12, 2011

Day 2

Day 2

If you have kids it is near impossible to follow schedule. When you make a schedule you never consider the re-working part. Whereas, if you have kids, then the re-working bit would occupy most of the schedule. For example; in my schedule I thought of making the bed. Obviously I meant it to be done once but with my son around I had to make the bed at least 4 times. First I tidied it and soon after my son started jumping on the bed, so again I had to make it. This followed for atleast four times. Same thing happened with the living room floor. Once I cleared all his toys from the floor, within seconds he threw his toys all over again. So many times I had to bend that I can easily become the brand ambassador for some back pain relief cream.
After doing and re-doing I gave up on my schedule and decided to follow only as much as my son permits. My entire self is now a slave to him. The worst part began in the night. I was planning to go to bed early. Since evening I had a bad headache so I planned to sleep early, but as the saying goes, man proposes god disposes. Just when I was about to sleep my son started crying. Not only was he crying, he just became so violent. He started hitting, biting and beating us. He was crying inconsolably. We were just not able to figure out what had happened to him. Finally we decided to take him to the hospital. The entire way he was crying but the moment we entered the hospital he was as calm as a lake in spring.
Later on we realized that more than any physical pain he was emotionally upset. The entire evening I and hubby were busy watching television so sonny must have felt ignored. Typically single child’s problem. Anyways today I did not even try to follow any schedule. Did not even bother to cook breakfast. phewwww

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