Jul 13, 2011

Day 3

I was awake till 12 am only to clean the mess created by my son. Today I woke up 2 hours past my scheduled time. I would like to congratulate myself because in spite of waking up late I was able to finish things within time. Yippieeeee.
Now let me come to the “Salman Khan” effect on my sonny. Sonny is a huge fan of Mr. Khan as he keeps on imitating Salman in every possible way. When my son was 1.5 years old, he could immitate the dance steps of the “hud hud dabanng” song with perfection. Now he copies the “dhinka chika” song. Imitating song and dance is fine but when it comes to the other aspects of life then it becomes quite annoying. For example my son just doesn’t want to put on his shirt because Mr. Khan never does so. He has also started considering me the villain of the Khan movies and bashes me up anytime he feels so.Honestly I am going through abusive days.

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