Jul 18, 2011


Last Wednesday my son wanted to have pastries so I took him to the nearby cake shop. While we were enjoying our pastries I got a call from my husband. He was quite tensed and wanted to know where we were. He told me that a bomb blasted in Mumbai few minutes earlier and it is better for us to get back to home as soon as possible.
Again another terror attack on Mumbai. This is the third strike in last four years. I suddenly felt angry, sad, frightened and above all helpless. I asked son to finish his pastry fast. He is too small to even understand all this. When I came out of the shop a saw a plastic waste bag and a chill went down my spine. There could be a bomb in that plastic bag. That may explode anytime killing me and many others like me. I tried to board an auto but none of them were ready to go. It was raining, autos were refusing and phone lines were jammed. The same story that gets repeated after every bomb blast. Only the rains were a new addition this time.
When I reached home I saw my father strolling anxiously on the balcony. I started getting calls from my friends and relatives from all over the world. I spoke to many of them after a long time. At times only tragedies forces people to make calls. I was assuring all of them that we were fine but at the same time I was wondering how long can we stay safe. Next time it could be. This fear gripped me. My neighbour was stuck in the road for five hours.
The question now is Why do we suffer this everytime. And how long would we suffer?

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