May 7, 2010

Thank God Its Monday

I hate Sundays. Earlier it used to be the most coveted day of the week, now it has turned into the most dreaded. Earlier Sunday meant waking up late in the morning, then sitting in the balcony with steaming hot coffee and newspaper. After delving into the newspaper, I used to have a relaxed bath, practising my singing skills and rehearsing for the next Indian idol. Next, after much trepidation I used to go to the kitchen. Lunch used to be nothing elaborate, simple but scrumptious. Lunch was followed by a long siesta. Evening was reserved for movie, shopping, and friends. Ideally the first stop used to be Crossword or Odyssey. A long book reading used to rejuvenate me. After buying couple of books for the coming week I used to head for a movie. A late night dinner and a taxi ride home used to make me feel so tranquil. At the end of the day I used to retire in my small but cosy room and lie down on my favourite bed with a book and slowly transit into a deep slumber. Long gone are those days.
Now Sunday means madness, insanity, losing temper, restless and hectic. The day leaves me exhausted. No later waking up. No more skipping breakfast. This is the day in the week when I have to cook elaborate breakfast followed by elaborate lunch with four course meal. Lunch is never on time as that is the day when my better half goes on his shopping expedition. He starts off quite late and just when I consider my lunch prepared he comes up with new raw vegetable asking me to cook them. This really irks me to no extent. Spending hours in the kitchen is my last prerogative but Sunday is the day when I am forced to spend most of the day cutting chopping, grinding, mixing and standing in front of the flame for as if ages.
Then in the afternoon I cannot sleep as the “master” of the house needs rest and I have to take care of my son who usually plays truant. By the time evening sets in I am already drained out of all my energy.
Then comes the evening the “quality time spending” time. I have to get dressed for a mandatory visit to the mall, or shopping plaza. This leaves me double exhausted as nothing new or exciting happens during these visits. At times we dine outside or else it is dinner at home. Finally the day ends. The moment the clock struck midnight I feel TGIM (thank god its Monday)

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