May 13, 2010


My next door flat is always rented out to queer people. Earlier a young girl stayed who used to feel ghosts in the night. One night at around 3:30 am she texted me that there was a ghost in her room and she was not able to sleep. Slowly in a months time the ghost scare turned her insomniac and even before the lease license for her flat was over she decided to leave.
A young obese man with a boyish face, in his late twenties, occupied the flat soon after. From the first day of his occupancy I became the official keeper of his duplicate flat keys. Every alternate day I get a call from this guy which inevitably says “Bhabiji, sorry to disturb you, but I have forgot my laptop charger at home, could you please open my flat door and collect it and send it, I am sending someone to get it”. The laptop charger is on different occasion replaced by palm top, folder, USB drive, sunglasses and so on and so forth. Every time, I have to open his flat and search for the things in his highly messed up bachelor’s flat. I am not complaining about this fellow because I kind of like him. His forgetful nature amuses me more than irritates. At times he gives me a call and asks me to handover the keys to his friend who came over to stay with him for a couple of days.
Now last week one of his friends came to stay with him- incidentally this guy also collected the keys from me-who brought along with two crates of farm fresh mangoes.
Now these two guys were unable to decide the fate of the mangoes, so eventually the poor fruits landed at my place. It was also my neighbour’s way of returning favours. Incidentally these mangoes instead of amusing me burdened me whatsoever. What am I supposed to do with two crates of mangoes?
My neighbour promised me that he would help me finish off the mangoes. But, the very next day he left to the US for two whole weeks. I don’t know if it was deliberate to escape from the mango overdoing.
Now I am left with two crates of mangoes and only two souls to finish them. The mangoes are ripe and if not eaten now they will perish in a couple of days. My house is now invaded by yellow sweet things. I have now started using them in every possible way. My maid suggested that the easiest way to get rid of bulk mangoes is “aamras”. So off I go.

Ripe mangoes 5 -6
Milk 2 cups
Sugar 50 gms
Ice cubes

I first peeled the mangoes and cut them into small pieces. Then I put them in a blender along with milk and sugar. After it turned smooth I added ice cubes and served. Alternatively you can also put it in the refrigerator for some time and then serve chilled. Nothing is more soothing than Aamras in a hot summer afternoon.


  1. Banglai "Aamra " toh completely different jinish. Etoh jakeh bolleh "Milk Shake", marathira otakei Aamra boleh naki?



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