May 18, 2010

Creative recession

I believe I am going through a creative recession. For the last 2 weeks I am trying to write a story for the second edition of Chalks and Chopsticks but not being able to do so. Lat time when Aqua held the event I wrote it almost in a day's time. What is happening to me this time?


  1. Even I didn't think I could make it this time but after a while, the story wrote itself with some struggle!

  2. Even I have started writing something but then it's something made me very emotional and I stoped writing after a while..will resume writing on it soon,may be tommorow ,will come with post provided I finish it today ..thanks for coming by at my site...Prathompadopkhep , nice title to blog BTW.
    hugs and smiles

  3. @ Sra.even i have started writing...hope all of us will make it this time...

    @jaya..thanks to u as well..



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