May 16, 2010


One food I absolutely love is Fuchka. Therefore after leaving Kolkata, the first thing that I started missing was fuchka. My life became dull and depressed without the presence of fuchka. My evenings were no more spicy and hot. At times I felt so desperate for fuchka that I used to think of paying a two day visit to Kolkata only to have fuchka.
Pani puri is definitely a dish from the fuchka family, but the similarities are as same as between Nirupa Roy and Rakhi Sawant. Therefore my taste buds were never satisfied with the sweet pani puri and craved for the hot and spicy version. Initially I felt a total repulsion towards pani puri, but slowly I started giving it some benefit of doubt. Still it was not able to conquer me the way fuchka did. I often used to direct the panipuriwalla to make it like puchka. In most cases I became the butt of ridicule.
Finally my hard days came to an end. Last week I had fuchka here in the city of hopes itself. Thanks to hanglas for importing a fuchkawala from Kolkata. This man has brought relief to troubled and starved souls like us. I almost felt orgasm after having the first bite of Kolkata’s fuchka after three long years. May this man not face the wrath of Raj Thackeray. Amen.


  1. Hangla has phuchkawallah. Where?

    What I do otherwise is ask the paani puri wallah to put only alu, not boondi, and khatta and not meetha paani. Nirupa Ray even if not Chhaya Debi

  2. @knife...thanks for your will get fuchka @ lokhandwala Hanglas



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